Globalcraft is an independent marketing and entertainment company focused on growing and protecting the world’s most innovative brands.

Who, What + Why

“Recessions remind us there is no substitute for integrated strategy and practitioner-led creativity across all platforms.”

  Chief Executive Officer

As technologies and opinions proliferate, Globalcraft matches the creative depth of a large agency or studio with the agility and responsibility of a strategic consultancy. Each of Globalcraft's department heads has at least 15 years’ experience as a journeyperson in their respective craft, offering clients unprecedented flexibility and affordability across a worldwide network of talent and market intelligence. Globalcraft employs a proprietary econometric methodology to optimize client ROI across its services and productions, including media planning, purchasing and tracking.


“The rush to concept and produce too often leads to client disappointment in what their budget did not accomplish.”

  Chief Strategy Officer

More than half of Globalcraft’s client agreements are structured as true business partnerships, incenting Globalcraft to earn more of its compensation from responsible budget stewardship and client ROI than retainers, fees and hourly billings. You brief Globalcraft on your objective, timeline and budget; Globalcraft presents strategic options, a schedule and budget estimate; you give Globalcraft feedback; Globalcraft adjusts the schedule and budget estimate; you approve; Globalcraft produces on all platforms per your direction and approvals.

Founding Story

“Globalcraft’s partners give me access to the best team money can buy without signing yet another legal contract or check.”

  Head of Integrated Production

2010 was the best and worst of times. Globalcraft’s partners held leadership positions at billion-dollar marketing and media companies whose business models' profitability was under pressure from disruptive technologies and runaway costs. Top clients were asking for everything but traditional advertising and top agency talent was turning down partnership offers in once prestigious companies. An impassioned debate began about the potential for a return to a practitioner-led model with sustainable incentives for client and agency success. During a series of brain dumps and fundraising meetings, consensus formed that brands and investors were being let down on two fronts: bait-and-switch creative leadership and ROI accountability. First, the leader who pitched clients and took their money was rarely the person who served as the protector of their interests when work got underway. Second, agencies appeared to be unintentionally rewarded for their inefficiency when clients approved additional billable hours to cleanup agency mistakes. We debated the usual industry rationalizations, but the more brand managers and investors we spoke to the clearer it became that this was a worldwide complaint, everywhere from start-ups to Fortune 100 boards. We put together a novel combination of big-thinking creatives, pragmatic producers and precise quantitative analysts and came up with a business plan that incented us to do only the most innovative work that would put client and investor interests first, even if it meant smaller overhead, retainers, fees and budgets. We then directed our attorney to make sure Globalcraft’s internal partnership agreements rewarded and penalized us according to our founding philosophy. Our first few projects proved that we could deliver an equal or better team and product as that of major agencies and production companies with significantly lower budgets and fees. We also found that leading talent were excited about the prospect of being led by proven craft practitioners. It was a risky proposition starting Globalcraft during the Great Recession, but we have come to realize we were simply learning to do what clients do daily: launching new products and protecting their brands. The perspective shift helps us do better work and take more pride in it.